Leverkusen is still in holiday mode

Brazilian FCB

Karim Bellarabi stood on the pitch for less than seven minutes, when the working day for the former international was already over. After a rude entry against Munich’s Rafinha, the Leverkusen wing forward saw the red card (80th) from referee Tobias Welz – apparently frustrated by the threat of defeat and his existence as a bench pusher. The fact that the Brazilian FCB defender had to be carried off the pitch in tears once again encouraged Uli Hoeneß to make a verbal all-around attack.

“Of course, Bellarabi’s foul was mentally ill,” said the president of FC Bayern. “Such a thing is deliberate bodily injury”. In the eyes of the 66-year-old Bellarabi, who apologized for the action in the social media on Sunday, Bellarabi would not have to be banned for three months because of the foul, but “for stupidity”. Rafinha will now be missing several weeks for the Champions League participant with an ankle joint injury. Leverkusenes Sports Director Rudi Völler naturally assessed the action differently. The foul itself was stupid, but not a red card. Sports director Jonas Boldt emphasized that the scene was not decisive for the game.

At least on this point, the three officials must have been in agreement. The record champion dominated Leverkusen at will, regardless of the number of players on the pitch. In the end, the visitors were lucky to have lost only 1:3 (1:2). “Our mentality was good at the beginning,” said Leverkusen coach Heiko Herrlich – and can only have meant the first five minutes. Because in these the Werkself played itself a Handelfmeter, which Wendell transformed to 1:0 for the outsider (5.). Munich were the only players left to set the tone, and the Leverkusen wall tactics, with seven defensive players in the starting line-up to ensure safety, failed. Corentin Tolisso, who left the field in the first half due to a knee injury that later turned out to be a cruciate ligament rupture, managed to equalise (10th). Nine minutes later Arjen Robben had turned the game around in favour of the home side after a serious mistake by Jonathan Tah.

Arjen Robben

Corentin Tolisso Honours

Bayern Munich

  • Bundesliga: 2017–18
  • DFL-Supercup: 2017, 2018


  • FIFA World Cup: 2018


  • UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season: 2016–17

The Werkself acted insecure, unfocused and driving in the actions. She was lucky that FCB striker Robert Lewandowski did not get a good day and the other Bayern pros around Thomas Müller and Co. also missed the chance to decide the unequal duel early. So substitute James Rodriguez was denied the right to make the decision by head in the 89th minute.

Leverkusen captain Lars Bender, who had to be replaced due to knee problems (27th), spoke plainly after another desolate team performance. “We gave them the first two goals, you can’t afford anything like that in Munich,” the 29-year-old complained. “That was despondent and without self-confidence. The defensive midfielder fears that the next few weeks will be difficult for the last player in the standings. “After today’s game, there’s nothing to talk beautifully about. That wasn’t a performance,” Bender stressed, who, like the spectators, couldn’t remember any situation in which the factory eleven brought “three, four balls in a row” to the game. “And of course that’s too little.”

The fact that the encounter remained open for a long time despite the obvious inferiority of the guests did not seem to have been discussed up to the Werkself. The captain also had this feeling. “Until shortly before the end it was 2:1, and I did not really have the impression that we knew that. He now hopes to set a sign at the start of the Europa League on Thursday in Bulgaria with Ludogorez Rasgrad (21 o’clock). “That’s when the season really starts again for us. We have to show a reaction to the first games and win if possible. Then you have to talk early about a final against Mainz,” said Bender, who thinks the Werkself are “still on holiday”.

Herrlich then also focused on the upcoming task on the international stage and said: “We have a difficult situation, the boys are not exactly blessed with self-confidence”. Boldt had a rather pragmatic suggestion as to how the works club could free itself from the current misery. “Winning games. There is no other solution,” said the 36-year-old. There are plenty of chances – three English weeks will follow. Betstars offers big promotions to the new players.

Gomez after Doppelpack: “The future is different players”

Freiburg When Mario Gomez had classified the 3:3 at SC Freiburg, his double pack in the 300th Bundesliga game and the start of the season in general, the striker of VfB Stuttgart became fundamental.

By Maximilian Haupt, dpa

“I’m certainly still the present at VfB at the moment, but the future is different players,” said the 33-year-old in the semi-darkness next to the Freiburg stadium in front of the waiting team bus. The striker, who has retired from the national team, still cares about his own goals – but in the autumn of his career Gomez developed a fine feeling for the atmosphere in a team and the associated tasks of an experienced and respected football professional.

As in the last phase of his national team career, when Gomez spoke up against the worsening atmosphere with his calm in the World Cup quarter and made a name for himself as a link between the various groups for the climate, his area of responsibility at VfB Stuttgart is larger than the penalty area. “Be it on the pitch through presence, be it in the booth through presence: I always try to be positive. To take some pressure out of stressful situations,” Gomez told us on Sunday evening before the trip home. “Things you just do when you’re 33 and not 20 anymore”.

Mario Gomez

Sometimes this includes a critical commentary on other topics. “I can’t keep up with what you have to order to watch a game,” Gomez said to the many holders of football rights for television. “I think that’s very, very unfortunate for the fans, too, that there’s not just one package that you order and then see all the Bundesliga matches, all the Champions League matches. That’s a trend that I don’t like at all.”

Above all, however, the Champions League winner, together with captain Christian Gentner, cruciate ligament rupture returnee Andreas Beck and the other veterans, takes care of the young pros such as his forward partner Nicolas Gonzalez or Chadrac Akolo. And he tells them that a goalless start to the season like VfB’s with the cup away from Hansa Rostock (0:2) and two Bundesliga defeats in Mainz (0:1) and against FC Bayern Munich (0:3) is no reason for panic: “There will certainly be more phases in which we lose two times in a row. If we make a drama out of it every time like it is now, then it will be a colourful season.”

Points are still the best remedy for anxiety, so Gomez’s goals number eleven and twelve in the twelfth duel with SC Freiburg were important. Especially after Jerôme Gondorf’s early deficit, who scored twice like Gomez. He scored the first goal after 51 seconds. “The 0-1 was poison,” said Gomez. “If you have a series like the one we had, then everything feels a little more difficult. It took the Swabians almost a half to recover.

Then Emiliano Insua scored the first VfB goal of the season – and Gomez did his job. Only Luca Waldschmidt’s equaliser in the 81st minute didn’t fit. “I already said last week that he’s slowly getting into gear. It can go on like this,” coach Tayfun Korkut praised his centre forward. From his point of view he likes to play at home on Friday against Fortuna Düsseldorf. Because Stuttgart is still waiting for their first win of the season. Betfred Casino is a multi-platform site that offers standard casino games.

Findings from the 3:3 between Freiburg and Stuttgart

FC bayern

“Six goals – it was certainly fun for the spectators. It was a wild game,” said Freiburg’s goal scorer Luca Waldschmidt after the last equaliser after the national duel. “We experienced a game for the audience today. For the coaches, it might not have been how you imagine it all,” said VfB coach Tayfun Korkut, referring to the many mistakes on both sides.

Four insights from the final match of the 3rd matchday in the German Soccer League:

1. VfB Stuttgart can still score goals

The VfB supporters had waited 270 minutes before the kickoff in Freiburg for the first compulsory goal of the season, neither in the DFB Cup nor in the defeats in Mainz (0:1) and against FC Bayern (0:3) Stuttgart had scored a goal. Against Freiburg, there were three of them. One from Emiliano Insua, two from Mario Gomez.

VfB Stuttgart Club Management

  • Wolfgang Dietrich, president since 9 October 2016
  • Michael Reschke, Executive board representative for Sport
  • Stefan Heim, Executive board representative for Finances, Administration and Operations
  • Jochen Röttgermann, Executive board representative for Marketing and Distribution

VfB Stuttgart

2nd Mario Gomez has not lost his qualities for a long time

At the World Cup he had the chance to equalize against South Korea, against Mainz an opportunity to lead, but against FC Bayern not even a shot on goal. Gomez was unhappy this summer in competitive games. But Tayfun Korkut defended his attacker, referred to the training deficit after the World Cup and continued to rely on the 33-year-old veteran. He showed his abilities in Freiburg and hit with his foot and head. 3.

3. SC Freiburg plays well and is still without victory.

Freiburg was the better team against Frankfurt for a long time, in Hoffenheim the Breisgauer led – nevertheless there were two defeats in the league at the start of the season. Against VfB Stuttgart, Jerôme Gondorf took the lead after just 51 seconds, but again the goals were much too easy, complained coach Christian Streich. “You have to defend those (situations, note), otherwise you usually can’t even score a point,” he said on Sunday. “I’m satisfied, but in the end I’m not satisfied either.” Unibet Casino is full of fun great games and plenty of promotions access.

4th Jerôme Gondorf has already fully arrived at SC Freiburg

Werder Bremen’s newcomer played well in central midfield on the first two games, but this time coach Streich pulled him to his more traditional position outside – and Gondorf scored two goals. After 51 seconds, he refined the first counter by head, in the second half he scored the important 2-2 free-kick with a direct free-kick. “I can’t remember the last time we had a direct free kick in the Bundesliga,” said coach Streich. When asked whether he saw Gondorf more centrally or on the wing, Streich said, “Both”.